Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How not to move locations

It will be a bit of storytelling this time. A story about trust and guts and things you cannot control.

Not so long ago a company that hosted their own servers in-house decided to move offices. All was planned in advance. The servers were to stay in the old location longer than everybody else until a decent internet connection will be installed in the new server room. The ISP was informed, a new line was ordered with specific instructions that it is not (what it was) an office move but that a completely new line is needed in the new location. A small trick to make sure everything goes right.

The plan was, that on Friday the new line will be installed and then on Saturday night the servers will be moved. The time has come and... nothing has happened.

Obviously ISP's support very kindly apologised from a very safe distance and said they are very busy and it will be done as soon as possible. The whole move was postponed until the following weekend.

But the very next day I got a call with complaints that the my server is not available. Quick check and... well, it wasn't. Another check using a backup broadband connection and that wasn't working either. First thought was that they actually moved the line although they were specifically told not to but after a quick call they explained it was an unrelated fault and quickly fixed it.

And then following they it happened again and again was quickly remedied.

During the next few days a few contacts have been made to ensure they are not disconnecting the old office and we were assured that it is not the case.

And then at lunch time on Wednesday the 'unrelated fault' has happened again. But this time when called they could only say that 'the line has been moved' and they cannot undo it. Assured everybody how sorry they were and wished a very good day.

Lessons learnt? Don't you ever trust nobody but your guts. Definitely don't you trust any customer support. Make sure your backup facilities are out of reach of people responsible for the things they are backing up.

Or simply, unless you are really big, consider hosted solutions instead.

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